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Portrait commission questions and answers
I hope the questions and answers below will help you but if you would like to ask anything further don't hesitate to contact me and I will give you the answer you need.

1. How do I send you my photos and in what size?
You can send by post on my post address or on the Internet to my e-mail. About the size, please, send me the biggest size possible you have.

2. How many photos do you need?
I create the portrait from one main photograph. But if you can please, send me several photos, to make the right choice.

3. I would like several subjects on one portrait, do I need a photo with all of them together?
No, you can send each photo separately. I will combine all of them together i one portrait. I will create a picture for you to approve before I start to draw.

4. Will my portrait be framed?
Portrait prices do not include a frame.

5. How much does a portrait cost?
This depends on the size and the total number of subjects you choose.

6. When will I pay for my portrait?
You will send the money when the portrait is completed and approved by you, before it's shipped.

7. How do I pay?
You can choose to pay by bank account, PayPal or by Instant Banking (Western Union, MoneyGram etc.) Which way you can make payments to, depends on your location.

8. Will I see the finished portrait before I receive it?
Yes, of course you will. The portrait must be approved before it's sent.

9. How long will it take to receive my portrait?
It depends on your location.

10. How much do Postage and Packing cost?
It depends on your location. Shipping in Europe for example - 12 Euro