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About the artist
A good portrait is done from good photo and not all the photos can be used for a portrait. Send me your selected photos and we will choose together the best image for the portrait. Different subjects from different images can be combined in a single portrait, but of course is much better to work from one simple image. Don't hesitate to contact me for any other questions. I'll be glad to answer your doubts.
All pricing is for the original artwork and doesn't include framing. Price includes Single Subject head and shoulders pose. Let me know if you would like any extras, like hand-lettering added to the artwork. Prices can vary, depending on your different sizes and specific needs.
Pencil - size One subject Two subjects Three subjects Four subjects Five subjects
20 cm - 30 cm (8" - 10") - - - - -
30 cm - 40 cm (12" - 16") - - - - -
40 cm - 50 cm (16" - 20") - - - - -
50 cm - 60 cm (20" - 24") - - - - -
Water colour pets
20 cm - 30 cm (8" - 10")
50 € - - - -
Prices do not include shipping of the pictures. Shipping cost depends from your location.
For example shipping to the country in Europe cost about 12 EURO.
Portrait From Photograph - Order Instruction

1. Select the right photos. The photos should be big and clear enough to see the facial features of the person. It is also helpful to send a few extra pictures of the subject. These can be sent by e-mail, on a CD or post your originals.

2. Decide how many persons should be positioned on the paper. I can combine people from different photos into one portrait. I can even make simple modification to the person's hair style and outfit. What I cannot do is to change the expression and the pose of the person.

3. Choose a size. Bear in mind that the size you choose not include a frame and the more subjects you choose, the smaller they will be drawn in order to fit them onto the paper.

4. You will have a chance to approve your pencil portrait online before you pay, but portrait cannot be sent until payment has cleared. Payments can be made by Bank transfer or by Instant banking.

5. Your portrait will posted to you and all original photographs returned.